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Why Sexual Discipleship?

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Sexual Discipleship is an approach to sexuality that integrates all sexual conversations into the larger call to “make disciples.” Every area of sexual pain and confusion represents critical spiritual questions about God, His love, His redemption, and His power. By delegating topics of sexuality, we also delegate the opportunity to bring people to the Healer and Redeemer. 

The goal of Sexual Discipleship is the call to wholeness in Jesus Christ for every person who claims Him as Lord. We aim beyond symptom management and extinguishing sin; we want to grow into the fullness of what God designed for us as men and women made in His image. 

Sexuality is not simply a problem to solve, but a territory to reclaim. While addressing specific issues is a needed aspect of discipleship, we must be united in our pursuit of wholeness rather than divided by our struggles. 

Here, you will connect with  Christians who want to be challenged and equipped to step into perhaps the greatest mission field of our day.


A 12-module video course equipping Christian leaders with an overview of how to engage in ministry and personal relationships using the Sexual Discipleship framework. Each module includes a 10- to 12-minute teaching from Dr. Juli Slattery and a workbook for application and follow-up.

Office Hours w/Juli

Twice a month, you and other members have the chance to engage live with Juli to address questions about how to implement Sexual Discipleship within ministry settings.

Java Packs

Each pack contains conversations curated from Authentic Intimacy's Java with Juli podcast, designed to equip Christian leaders on specific topics related to sexual healing and wholeness.

Interviews w/Experts

Video interviews and summits with experts on a range of critical topics, including addressing pornography, sexual abuse, sexual health in marriage, sexuality and singleness, and many more.

Small Group Curriculum

A 7-week video curriculum based on the book Rethinking Sexuality. This is an ideal way to introduce Sexual Discipleship to small groups and leadership teams.


Those who complete the training course and pass the post-test will receive a certificate of completion. Certification is an helpful way for organizations to ensure that staff or volunteers are trained in a gospel-centered and discipleship approach to sexual questions and issues.

What People Are Saying 

The Sexual Discipleship training brings all the necessary information for this important framework. After hearing, digesting, and interacting with the knowledge, I left with a sense of confidence and inspiration to go out and help everyone understand God's design for sexuality in a loving way.


I wholeheartedly recommend this training because it goes beyond ‘problem solving’ and invites ministry leaders to think about discipleship on a deeper, more relational level. We need to know that sex is not peripheral to knowing God and loving others; it is a central metaphor to the gospel. Once this is understood, we can minister from a place of compassion and listening, rather than a place of seeing people as ‘projects’ that need fixing. 

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